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Perth Festival extends an invitation for students and the organisations and individuals that support them to participate in the Festival.

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Reviewing Live Performance

All ticket purchases are final and shall not be refunded, except as required by law or in accordance with the Live Performance Australia (LPA) Ticketing Code of Practice or as otherwise specified by Perth Festival.

Full Ticketing Terms & Conditions can be found here.

The Ticket Request Form asks you to provide details of anyone in your group who has access needs, to ensure we are best able to support your attendance.

Please contact Perth Festival on 6488 8616 if you require any further information.

Perth Festival presents world class events that showcase the very best artistry and interpretations of text.

We believe that an excursion to a Perth Festival event has the potential to develop students:

  • Ability to connect with curriculum content in new ways
  • Confidence in becoming innovative and creative artists and thinkers
  • Skills to critically engage with texts from Australia and other cultures
  • Engagement with a variety of learning styles
  • Communication skills, methodologies and awareness
  • Empathy and self-awareness to explore, depict and celebrate the human experience
  • Comprehension of texts through listening and viewing
  • Knowledge of how visual information contributes to the meanings created in texts
  • Artistic, aesthetic and cultural appreciation of art forms from past and contemporary contexts, including cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary events
  • Respect for, and knowledge of, the diverse purposes, traditions, histories and cultures of art making and critical response
  • Reflection on thinking and processes
  • Knowledge of methods used to apply and control elements, skills, techniques, processes, forms and styles of art making
  • Skills and techniques to actively analyse and create art
  • Understanding of the adaptation of texts for live performance
  • Understanding that languages are living

Excursion Management Information can be found in this document

In the instance that Certificates of Currency expire before Perth Festival 2021, we will update this document as soon as possible.


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