For Young People

Perth Festival is made for you. Yes, you!

Our Creative Projects are the perfect way for young people to get involved in the Festival as artists, enthusiasts, curators and thinkers. Work with the best artists and creators from around the world to build skills through meaningful collaborations.

Image of kids dressed in animal costumes jumping off some steps

Curated by Kids – Gone Wild!

We are looking for ten curious curators to plan and create a carnival for all the wild things, both animals and humans at Perth Zoo.

Design School.Production Images Lé Nør [the rain]. Pictured Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Chris Isaacs. Photos by Daniel Grant Photographer

Design School

Design teams play a pivotal part in bringing live performance to life. Through Design School, teachers can nominate students in Years 10, 11 or 12 to meet with designers of Perth festival shows, exploring how a show concept goes from page to stage.


Young Creatives

We are looking for passionate young people interested in any art form – from film to music, photography to drama and visual arts to literature – who are keen to learn about culture and the arts in Western Australia.


Good Film Club

We are inviting young people between the ages of 16 -26 who have a love of film to join our Good Film Club. Members will experience the full 2021 Lotterywest Festival Films program at UWA Somerville by attending each film’s opening night as a group, discuss their experiences with moderator Brooke Silcox and act as ambassadors for the program.


Youth Advisory Council

Recognising the importance of involving young people in our decision-making processes, the Youth Advisory Council was created to ensure that the Festival has a direct pathway for young people to engage with the Festival, and for their voices to be heard.   
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